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Gopal Ayurvedic Centre is a leading name in the Indian Ayurvedic scene. Through the years, the brand which manufactures under the name of KK Industries has established a strong clientele within the country. The legacy of Gopal Ayurvedic Centre dates back to 1987 when Shri Ram Gopalji left Sirhind for Chandigarh. Owing to tiffs and disputes at his Ayurveda and grocery shop in Sirhind by the name Anaramal Hari Ram Pansari Store, Gopalji looked forward to start afresh and this was the very beginnings of the Gopal Ayurvedic Center, a name that has gathered much love and trust over the last three decades.

However, it was not instant success. With little money in hand, Gopalji could only start a pansari store in Chandigarh. It took many years of grit, determination and hard work to establish the Ayurvedic store. In 1996, the pansari store gave way to the ayurvedic centre. Little did Gopalji and family know that in no time, Gopal Ayurvedic Centre would be synonyms with trust. Come 2002 and the shop was exclusively for Ayurvedic products that found a huge fan following. This was an eye-opener for Gopalji. His herbal formulations that were based on the science of Ayurveda helped many patients over the years. At first, daily stocks of these Ayurvedic products sold like hot cakes. Packages of SUGAR NIL powder which helps in blood sugar control and the PANCHSAKAR CHURNA that aids in digestion were among the very first products that the Gopal Ayurvedic Centre successfully sold in considerable quantities. This in itself was a huge boost and thereafter, in a bid to reach out to the larger crowd, a private setup (a pharmacy) was launched . A small piece of plot was identified in Balahri, near Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab and KK Industries started with its own independent manufacturing of fast-selling Ayurvedic products.

The beginnings were small and humble. A single grinding machine was all that the family could afford. However, formulations made in this small manufacturing unit such as SUGARNIL, CERVIGONE, URIC NIL, PANCHSAKAR, HAIR PLUS became an instant hit among the locals. The news about the efficacy of these Ayurvedic formulations reached far and wide. This was a big win for Gopal Ayurvedic Center and the people behind it. The legacy of this center can be understood by the fact that even renowned companies such as Dabur and Zandu approached the centre for ayurvedic tablets. This was the beginning of yet another phase. Given the loyalty of customers and the efficacy of products, Gopal Ayurvedic Center started coming up with their own tablets. What was once a very small, dedicated effort on the part of Shri Gopalji grew manifold, so much so that the customers picked products from the centre over those of other renowned and mass-producing brands.

Over 30 years have passed but Gopal Ayurvedic Centre remains one of the pioneers in the industry with over 258 trusted, genuine and fast-selling Ayurvedic products. Our USP remains the same through the years – top quality at affordable prices. Our products are 100% genuine with no adulteration. A swadeshi brand that has committed to serve anyone who resorts to the Ayurvedic art of healing, Gopal Ayurvedic Centre remains dedicated to its cause to date.

Gopal Ayurvedic Centre is working towards a disease-free, healthy India. Many years of careful research and after a lot of hard work that goes in to prepare high-quality, genuine and safe products, our brand has stood the test of time. Through the valuable science of Ayurveda, we can certainly achieve the mission of a healthy India.

When Ayurveda is the way to a good life and longevity, why should its benefits reach only a few? Nature’s bounty is for everyone and keeping in line with that thought, the vision of Gopal Ayurvedic Centre is to be able to reach out to each one, everyone. Our products are considerably much more affordable than any of the similar Ayurvedic products available in the market. This is because we are not profit-driven but motivated to maintain the legacy and vision of our forefathers which is to be committed to serve the public and bring to them the gift of Ayurveda.

Gopal Ayurvedic Center is focused on restoring the health of people. Where there is Ayurveda, there is no scope of disease. Come, let’s go back to nature together and envision a disease-free tomorrow.


About the Company

Gopal Ayurvedic Centre is among India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Ayurvedic products in India. With over three decades of experience and trust, the growth story of Gopal Ayurvedic Center is a legacy in itself. Established in 1987 in Chandigarh, the Center speaks of excellence and quality.

Ayurvedic products manufactured by the Center are sourced from nature and are therefore very different from the cosmetic and chemically produced and packaged items that you get in the market. Gopal Ayurvedic Center, headed by (please add name of directors here), supplies Ayurvedic products that are formulated in accordance with the set GMP standards. Hand-picked and finest quality ingredients sourced from nature is what goes into our products. They are completely free of chemicals and have zero side effects. To maintain the high standards of quality year after year, we carry out very rigorous quality tests so that all our customers have access to only the best.

Owing to the immense trust that our customers placed in us, Gopal Ayurvedic Center went in to start its own manufacturing unit by the name K.K. Industries (Herbal Division) ISO 9001:2015, H.A.C.C.P., WHO-GMP, GMP in 2009 in Fatehgarh. It is our fifth generation working towards the cause of Ayurveda which literally translates into “life knowledge” – “Ayu” in Sanskrit is life while “Veda” means knowledge. Ayurveda, the most ancient of sciences, is the ultimate healthcare solution that the modern-day man requires.

Gopal Ayurvedic Centre is the supplier of over 258 products which includes various types of classical and patent medicines – a perfect blend of Ayurveda and modern day technology that helps us bring the best of nature to every home, at very affordable prices. Over the years, we have grown and our stock of products include herbs, punjeeri goods, hawan and pooja goods, all kinds of ayurvedic and Unani medicine such as Dabur, Baidyanath, Himalaya, Hamdard, rex, and more.

To ensure that Gopal Ayurvedic Centre is your one-stop destination for all kinds of cure, we also provide expert advice and treatment, thanks to a team of fully qualified and professional healthcare experts. Our doctors are goal-oriented and no matter what you are suffering from – obesity, skin-related ailments, diabetes, migraine, psoriasis, thyroid, sexual incapacity or any other problem or chronic illness, we have developed a cure to help you continue with a healthy lifestyle. In your health is our success.