Joint pain

Joint pains are due to disease or injury in the tissues. Two bones are getting connected to each other by joints and muscles are attached to bone by the help of ligaments. Disease and injury occurs in the structure of joints, leads to the degeneration in tissues of joints which result in the excess joint pains is called as arthralgia.


  • joint swelling.
  • joint tenderness.
  • joint warmth.
  • Stiffness in joint.
  • Swelling in joints.
  • limping.
  • locking of the joint.
  • loss of range of motion of the joint.


Arthritis is the tenderness of joint. It occurs due to the decrease in the amount of cartilage tissues.

Rheumatoid arthritis also causes the joint problems like pain, stiffness and loss of proper function of joints.

Gout is also a serious complication which occurs when uric acid accumulated on the joint and forms crystal. There crystals cause the inflammation of joints which causes the excess pain in joints.